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Why was The Bible Institute founded?

The Bible Institute was founded in 2013 by Pastor Brian Hayes of Wildwood Community Church to meet an increasing need for quality Christian education for adults.  TBI’s mission is to strengthen the local church by equipping those for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12).  TBI courses aim to produce leaders who can accurately understand and articulate basic Bible doctrine; those who will carry out the Great Commission of Christ (Matthew 28:18-20).


Whom does The Bible Institute serve?

All Christ followers in the area are welcome to join us on the exciting journey of a systematic track of the Bible and its doctrines. Pastors, staff, church leadership, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, parents, grandparents, and college students are encouraged to enroll!


Who sponsors/supports The Bible Institute?

The Bible Institute was founded in 2013 by Pastor Brian Hayes of Wildwood Community Church, and is still sponsored by Wildwood today.  TBI is supported by the Union Baptist Association, which represents 77 Oklahoma churches.  We are also grateful to Randall University, which allows the use of their facilities for TBI courses.


What denomination does The Bible Institute represent?

The Bible Institute does not represent any one denomination, and welcomes all Christ followers.  Courses will be taught in alignment with our Statement of Faith.


Who teaches The Bible Institute courses?

TBI instructors bring course-specific expertise, passion and experience to the classroom.  Our instructors collectively hold multiple masters and doctoral degrees from seminary institutions.  They serve, or have served, in leadership roles for a variety of missionary and ministry organizations.  They represent careers in ministry, missions, engineering, marketing, law, and physics.  Each TBI course is taught by a team of two instructors. Learn more about each member of our incredible team here!


What is the coursework like?

All students are encouraged to attend class meetings, stay up to date on assigned reading, and come ready to dialogue each week. Additional assignments (i.e. quizzes, writing assignments) will vary from course to course.  Please note that student work is not letter-graded, and simply used as a tool to reinforce course material.

Still have questions? Sit in on a class to experience TBI for yourself! You may also enjoy these video testimonials from past students.


Are class sizes limited?

Class sizes are limited by available space, and currently range from 25 - 35 students per course.


How do I enroll?

Click the Registration tab at to enroll online for the upcoming semester.


What is the Spring 2020 enrollment deadline?

Enrollment for our spring semester will be closed on January 19, 2020.


Can I pay without using a credit card?

Yes.  Cash or check payments may be made out to Wildwood Community Church prior to the enrollment deadline: Mail, or drop off payments at: WILDWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH, ATTN: TBI, 1501 24TH AVE NE, NORMAN, OK 73071


How much does it cost, and where does the money go?

Our goal is to keep TBI course costs to a minimum while providing the highest level of education from some of the area’s most respected instructors. Course costs range from fifty to seventy-five dollars, plus the cost of books.  Tuition funds are used to compensate instructors, and to cover printing costs, materials, refreshments and administrative costs.


Are scholarships available? 

Limited scholarships are available.  We encourage our local churches to support TBI students from within their own congregations who need scholarship support.


How can my church be more involved?

Have your pastor or church leader fill out the contact card and request an appointment. We are excited to sit down with churches and partner with them on our goal of producing disciple makers who can accurately handle the Word of God.


Do you have resources available to help spread the word about TBI?

Yes! Please fill out a contact card and we would be happy to send you a promotional pack of information to help spread the word.

Brian Hayes

Brian Hayes, TBI Founder

Thank you to our partner organizations.