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The Bible Institute is committed to train people in biblically sound doctrine, producing disciple-making individuals who are equipped to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Bible Institute presents God Conversations

The free gift of salvation is ours to share. It’s a message that’s too good to keep to ourselves, yet many Christians don’t know where to start. This course examines the responsibility and privilege Christians have in sharing the gospel, and provides simple and effective steps to do so. You’ll discover how friendly and natural evangelism can be as you share the gospel and trust God with the results.

Please join us, in-person or online, for this free four-week course led by Pastor Brian Hayes, Wednesday evenings at Wildwood Community Church, 6:00-7:15 pm, January 20 - February 10.






"The Bible Institute classes have given me a fuller sense of Christianity in history as well as a more cohesive view of Scripture." - Julie Farthing

"I needed a foundational base to understand the Old and New Testaments and thanks to TBI, I have it now."  - Former TBI Student

"The Bible Institute equipped us to have detailed, intelligent conversations about our faith with friends and family.  We enjoyed studying together during the week and were greatly impacted by our passionate and knowledgeable instructors." - Matt & Tana Schuermann

"This course gave me the tools to speak and the confidence to share Christ with my unbelieving friends."  - Former TBI Student

"My thoughts of God and His Word have grown exceptionally.  I feel prepared to teach my family and children's Sunday school class." - Former TBI Student