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The Bible Institute is committed to train people in biblically sound doctrine, producing disciple-making individuals who are equipped to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Bible Institute presents The Early Church: Heroes, Hardships and Heresies

For 250 years after the book of Acts, Christians lived out their faith in the Roman world, a secular, violent culture that was full of false gods. How did they live in that culture? How can their lives and faith encourage us living in 2021?

Topics we will cover over 3 Wednesdays (April 14, 21, and 28):

  • What was the persecution of Christians like under Emperor Nero?
  • Why and how did the martyrs Ignatius, Polycarp and Justin choose to die for their faith?
  • Did the early church meet in secret? How often did they meet and what did they do?
  • Were Christians really thrown to the lions in the Colosseum?
  • What were the Roman attitudes and policies when dealing with Christians?
  • How do these things change when Constantine legalizes Christianity?
  • What were some of the false beliefs about Jesus and how do those still impact us today?

We will be using the writings and letters from that time period to answer some of these questions!

History is the story of the faithfulness of the Lord and of Christians and their faith in difficult life situations. We believe you will be encouraged and strengthened in your faith as you hear about how God worked!

We’d love for you to join us on 3 Wednesday evenings as Pastor John Abernethy teaches on The Early Church: Heroes, Hardships and Heresies on April 14, 21 and 28 from 6-7:15 pm in the Worship Center. Sessions will also be live streamed for viewing at wildwoodchurch.org/live.



"The Bible Institute classes have given me a fuller sense of Christianity in history as well as a more cohesive view of Scripture." - Julie Farthing

"I needed a foundational base to understand the Old and New Testaments and thanks to TBI, I have it now."  - Former TBI Student

"The Bible Institute equipped us to have detailed, intelligent conversations about our faith with friends and family.  We enjoyed studying together during the week and were greatly impacted by our passionate and knowledgeable instructors." - Matt & Tana Schuermann

"This course gave me the tools to speak and the confidence to share Christ with my unbelieving friends."  - Former TBI Student

"My thoughts of God and His Word have grown exceptionally.  I feel prepared to teach my family and children's Sunday school class." - Former TBI Student